The CEO wants to see you in his office

It was my first day at a startup in San Francisco.

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I’d been hired as the new Product Marketing Manager.

The CEO called me to his office. Two board members were also there. They looked concerned.

“Justin,” he said, “this app has been out for awhile, but people don’t know we exist! We want you to go brainstorm as many marketing ideas as you can for us.”

A few days later I came back to them with a list.

“Perfect,” the CEO commented looking at my screen, “now I want you to test each of these out, and find the tactics that will work for us.”

And that’s what I did.

I segmented my ideas by channel, with individual tactics underneath each heading: Content Marketing, SEO, Advertising, etc…

For six months, I’d focus on one channel (SEO, for example). I’d try all the ideas on my list. Once the results came in, I would double down on what worked. Then, I’d move on to the next channel.

Here were the results:

  • Unique visits to the homepage increased by 41%.
  • Email leads increased by 32%.
  • Paid accounts increased by 42%.

Over the years, I’ve continued to refine my list. Gradually, it became an inventory of ideas I could use to promote any software products.

Now, I’ve applied these strategies for dozens of consulting clients. The idea wasn’t that “every single idea would work,” but rather that by trying multiple ideas, we’d find a handful that produced a positive ROI.

“How did we start growing again? Just the act of doing more marketing activities is helpful.” – Natalie

The strategies on my list helped my clients build their waiting lists, get their first customers, and grow past $1 million in annual recurring revenue.

In 2017, I decided to turn that list into Tiny Marketing Wins.

Image: Tiny Wins tactics ✅

It’s a dashboard of marketing tactics you can try in your startup (whether you’re getting your first user or your 10,000th).

Currently, there are 44 ideas for you to try, and I’m continually adding new ones.

Each tactic includes:

  • a video tutorial
  • a PDF handbook
  • resources (code samples, example copy, tools)

★★★★★ The presentation, extra materials, and cheat sheets provided are more effective than any other resource I’ve come across.”
– Bryce Bladon, Clients from Hell

I used to charge $299 annually for it, but now it’s “pay once for lifetime access.”

"Heard about lifetime access. Just became your 305th customer!"

And, right now, use the code “relaunch” and you’ll get $50 off.
(Expires Feb 28, 2018)

Buy now for $249

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