Should you blog on Medium?

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I get a lot of questions about

“Should I be posting on Medium?”

“Should I be cross-posting my blog posts on Medium?”

In this tactic I’m going to give you some tricks that I’ve learned that make posting to Medium more effective.

Question from a reader

Ashley asked:

“Should I be cross posting my content to Medium for maximum exposure? Also, is duplicate content still frowned upon by Google?”


When Jason Fried, and the team at Basecamp, switched their main blog (Signal vs Noise) over Medium they got way more engagement, reach, and views.

Medium has a built-in audience. These are folks that read the site every day. You need to go where the people are! In the past that audience might have been on Google News Reader. But now people discover new authors and reading on Medium.

Ignore it, and you’ll miss a huge distribution channel.

If you’re writing original material on your blog right now, it makes sense to cross-post that to Medium.


  • – blogging and content platform.
  • Upscribe – embed subscription forms on Medium posts
  • Unsplash – awesome, royalty free images.
  • Pexels – a great collection of stock photos.

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3 thoughts on “Should you blog on Medium?

  1. Good post, I can add a similar and less well-known tactic to this. Quora allows you to create your own blog. From my tests, it gets 10 to 20 times as many readers as Medium. Worth testing.

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