How do you find the right incentive for competitive physical products?

AnswersCategory: Email subscribers / leadsHow do you find the right incentive for competitive physical products?
Mario Berger asked 3 years ago

I got my first gig in the luxury jewelry industry. I went through your first tip, and in general, I understand the concept. But I find myself having troubles adapting this to luxury products like earrings, rings, etc.
How would I find incentives for that niche?

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tinymarketing Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey Mario! Loved this question so much I decided to make a video about it:

Here’s one idea: get out of the building!
Go to a jewelry store, and do some research:

  1. What kind of people are in the store? How are they acting? (happy, nervous, quietly browsing)
  2. What kind of story are they telling the clerk? (“I just got engaged.”)
  3. What kind of “dream of a better life” is being painted by the P.O.P. displays, atmosphere, etc?

Here’s one trend I noticed when I visited the jewelry store: 90% of the products were for women, but 100% of the customers in the store were men.

Free me from the anxiety of wondering what to get my girlfriend so I can be an “impressive” romantic boyfriend.

Possible guides you could create as an incentive:

  • “Learn the 5 mistakes men make when buying jewelry.”
  • “A man’s guide to buying jewelry.” (PDF)

I hope this helps!

Mario Berger replied 3 years ago

Thank you Justin.
I never thought about it this way. Thanks for enriching my point of view! That helped a LOT!!
You know, I follow you for quite some time now. But with this response/video – you got a fan for life! 🙂

Patrik karlsson answered 3 years ago

Thanks, really good condensed practical explanation and, as you say, you need to find these answers independant what you sell.