Why is product marketing so hard?

Here’s what Chad said on Indie Hackers:

“So I launched my site. I imagined a rush of people clamoring to buy, sales through the roof… Obviously, that’s not what happened. It’s not that easy now, is it? Now I’m in this “how the heck do I get in front of people who will buy” phase. And it’s hard!”

This is everyone’s biggest fear: launching something and That we’ll launch something and nobody will show up?

Here’s the truth:

You never truly get over that fear of launching something no one wants.

But, you can reduce your fear and risk.

How? Two steps:

  1. Learn how to build a product people want.
  2. Learn how to promote your product to the people who want it.

It’s a simple list, but hard to implement.

Once you’ve created something people want, you need to focus on your marketing technique.

And technique matters. Making something people want is no good if they never hear about it.

"Good products don't always win. Products with distribution win." 🐦

To make marketing work for you, you need a list of things to test.

This is why folks use Tiny Marketing Wins.

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TMW gives you 45+ marketing tactics to try in your business.

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It’s everything I learned when I was the Product Manager at Sprintly and Mailout, plus from the hundreds of coaching calls I’ve done with SaaS founders, digital product owners, and agencies.

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– Matt Work, former CEO of Sprintly (now acquired)

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What you get inside Tiny Wins

Currently, there are 45 tactics. Each tactic includes:

  • A video tutorial showing you the tactic
  • A PDF cheat sheet
  • Supporting materials (sample code, checklists)
  • Discounts on our “done for you” service

Here’s what the dashboard of tactics looks like:

Image: Tiny Wins tactics ✅

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