Is 2017 the year you get serious about your online marketing?

Last reminder: want to level-up your marketing? Get Tiny Marketing Wins at the special launch price! Today’s your last day to get the discount:

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Getting feedback like this on Product Hunt has been awesome:

🙋 "Started the lessons last night and I'm loving it. Already got so much out of the first tactic."

So many folks struggle with marketing, and hiring a professional is pricey:

Rohit: "Hiring a good digital marketing guy is pretty expensive."

The idea behind TMW is that instead of paying $200 / hour for marketing advice, you can pay $249 $199 (today) for a year’s worth of marketing tactics.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a new tactic each week. It includes::

  • A video screencast
  • Downloadable PDF with instructions
  • Bonus content (source code, worksheets)
  • A list of tools, resources, and examples
  • Weekly reminder email
  • Track your progress online

You’ll start with 4 tactics in your account, and then every week after that you’ll get a new tactic to try. (52+ total over the year – look here for a peek)

If you implement even half of these tactics, you’ll seriously level up your marketing machine this year.

What’s on the roadmap? Remember, over the year you’ll get 52+ tactics. Here are some of the things you’ll gain:

  • Tricks for getting more from Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • How to rank high on any platform (Google, iTunes, Quora, etc…)
  • How to win on Medium (5 tricks)
  • (see more here)

There’s also a secret bonus I haven’t told you about: members get to “ask me anything.” (here’s a sample)

Are you in?

Cam Langsford, Training Tilt said:

★★★★★ “Week 1 was awesome. During the research suggested, I got two new customers!”

Get the launch discount here:

Remember: this discount expires on Friday, at 3pm Pacific.

Sign up now

(or get a free preview)

Thanks for your support. It means a lot to me!


PS: When you join above, you should get immediate access to the dashboard, and get your initial email a few minutes later. If you notice any bugs or problems, please let me know!

PPS: Here’s another email I got from an early-access customer:

"your tips make it simply, easy, and fast."

Here’s the video:

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