Frequently asked questions

What is it?

TMW is a subscription that gives you a new marketing tactic to implement each week.

It’s based on the hundreds of coaching calls I’ve done with SaaS founders, digital product owners, and agencies.

Every week, you’ll get a new tactic to try. Over the year, you’ll seriously level up your marketing machine.

Who is this for?

Do you have an online business? Do you have a SaaS business, or web application? Do you sell downloadable products? Do you run an online course? Do you work for a marketing agency? Did you just launch your own consulting company?

And most of all: do you want to get more paying customers?

If the answer is “OH HELL YES,” then Tiny Marketing Wins is for you. (It’s applicable to anyone who sells online. The only thing we don’t go into detail on is tactics for brick-and-mortar businesses.)

What kind of tactics will I get?

  •  Get more email subscribers
  • Discover the hidden desires of potential customers
  •  Create better email incentives
  •  Convert more visitors to subscribers
  •  Bonus: Build an awesome HTML landing page (with source code)
  •  Get more traffic to your subscription form
  •  Track your visitors
  • Set up Google Search Console (Basic)
  • Track analytics with Segment (Advanced)
  • Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics (Basic)
  • Set up Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics (Advanced)
  • Create funnels in Mixpanel
  • Content marketing hacks
  •  Improve the way your site looks on Slack, Facebook, Twitter (unfurling)
  •  Make advertising work for you
  • Tricks for getting more from Facebook and Instagram Ads
  •  Write a blog post that gets traction
  •  Publish and promote your blog post the right way
  •  Pro-tips for using Medium
  • Ads and paid acquisition
  • Facebook advertising
  • 5 unconventional places to advertise
  • How to win with video ads
  • Creative content marketing opportunities
  • How to rank high on any platform (Google, iTunes, Quora, etc…)
  • How to start a podcast and get it to rank in iTunes
  • How to use live video to drive sales
  •  Internet stunts you can try
  • Making more sales
  • How to increase conversion through urgency
  •  Other bonuses
  • Landing page teardowns
  • Realtime updates to tactics as things change
  • Weekly email

What do I get each week?

  •  A video screencast
  • Downloadable PDF with instructions
  • Bonus content (source code, worksheets)
  • A list of tools, resources, and examples
  • Weekly reminder email