What makes a good “coming soon” landing page?

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Building a “coming soon” landing page is often the first step an entrepreneur takes with their new business.

Why you should build a “coming soon” page:

  • Establish a web presence
  • Start building anticipation for your product/service
  • Practice describing who it’s for, what their primary need is and how you’re going to solve it
  • Grow your waiting list so that you have people to launch to

I’ve been doing product marketing for startups since 2008, and people often ask me to review their landing pages. I decided to start reviewing them on landingpageteardown.com.

The last one I reviewed (for a company called MailSnail) hits all the right notes, and so I thought I’d share it here:

A checklist for creating a good “coming soon” landing page:

  • Clearly describe: who is this for? What is their primary struggle? What is their destination?
  • Clearly explain: how does your product/service make their life better?
  • Paint the picture: what does this better life look like? Use illustrations, images, videos.
  • Use action words in your headlines: “Sell more…”, “Increase your…”, “Save time…”
  • Have only *one purpose for the page: “Sign up for the waiting list” or “Get on the early access list”
  • Put multiple buttons/forms for your call-to-action on the page. The simplest way to get more signups is to add more CTAs.
  • Each section of the page should encourage the reader to keep scrolling or sign up.
  • If you can, add social proof to the page. Answer the question: “Why should people trust you?”
  • Keep it simple! The page should be clean, lightweight, and load fast.

Remember, the most important question any website needs to answer is “How will my life be better if I use your product?”

If you have a new business idea, my advice is to create your landing page before you do anything else so you can really think through that question.

This process will also help you answer other important questions:

  • How hard is it to attract traffic to my landing page? Are there good reusable channels?
  • What kind of conversion rate am I getting from Site visitorEmail signup?
  • When I ask people: “Why did you sign up?” what are the common answers? Are there any patterns?
  • How eager are the people on my waiting list? Are they saying “Shut up and take my money!”?

Have a landing page that you’d like me to look at quickly? Leave a comment below! (If you have examples of other awesome “coming soon” landing pages, I’d love to see those too)


Better Landing Pages.PDF


Images / Graphics

  • Canva – create banners, ebook covers, social media headers and more.
  • Unsplash – awesome, royalty free images.
  • Pexels – a great collection of stock photos.
  • PlaceIt – easily create Macbook, iPad, iMac & iPhone mockups and demo videos.
  • LogoJoy – simple logo generator.

Landing Pages

  • GitHub Pages – a free way to host static sites.
  • WrapBootstrap – themes and templates built on the popular Boostrap framework.
  • ThemeZilla – high quality WordPress themes.
  • ConvertKit – a simple tool for creating landing pages, collecting email addresses, and sending newsletters.
  • Coach – another good tool for creating landing pages, collecting emails, and sending newsletters

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