How to get big results from small efforts

People ask me why I advise them to focus on small marketing wins every week instead of looking for one BIG win.

I’m going to get to that in a second but first…

Do you remember being a poor college student? Did you ever go home to your parent’s place so that you could eat their food? I did! I would try to fit a week’s worth of calories into one day. I’d go home, and I would overeat until my stomach hurt. Sure, I was saving money… but at what cost?

I think marketing efforts work the same way. Here’s why:

First: marketing doesn’t work like a jackpot. It’s unlikely that you’ll find one magical tactic that will cause an avalanche of sales. Instead, it’s better for you to diversify your investments. Try a bunch of different tactics and a bunch of different channels. This way you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket; you’ll be getting customers from different places.

Second: marketing is a lot like physical fitness. Small gains every week give you the biggest gains overall. If you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, don’t just show up at the gym once. You have to show up every single week. You have to put in the work. It’s consistent effort over time that builds the biggest muscles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's workout

And lastly: for many of you, marketing is a big hairy ugly scary problem. What’s the best way to deal with an overwhelming problem? Break that complicated problem into simpler steps!

Try something new every week, evaluate the results and then double down on the tactics that work. One week, install Google’s Webmaster Tools and learn how to use them. The next week try blogging on Medium. The week after that? Run a small Facebook advertising campaign.

Implement something small every week. Evaluate the results, and then doubled down on what’s working. By the end of the year, these baby steps will have turned into big wins overall!

Most people can’t do this on their own. They need a guide or a system. Some folks solve this problem by hiring growth marketers (they’re around $300 / hour.) Others will spend hours and hours scouring the internet for marketing tips and growth hacks and marketing strategies.

Traditionally to make marketing work, you had to either spend a lot of money or spend a lot of time.

With Tiny Marketing Wins, I’ve found a middle ground. Every week you’ll get a marketing tactic you can implement on your website. I’ll guide you through the complexity of online marketing without having to spend thousands of dollars and without having to spend thousands of hours.

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