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Get more customers for your product.

Marketing your online business can feel overwhelming.

Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo, recommends that you spend 50% of your time developing your product, and 50% of your time doing marketing.

But you’re busy coding, fixing bugs, writing copy, and designing new features. Where can you find the time to promote your product?

Sean Weas, GrowFlow said:

★★★★★ “Tiny Marketing Wins gives me quick, actionable tasks and goals that keep my marketing mind on track and have allowed me to create my marketing machine. Stop thinking about it, and just buy it!”

Marketing advice when you need it

Don’t try to do everything at once! Build your marketing machine by implementing a small tactic every week.

Tiny Marketing Wins is a subscription service that helps you do just that. We help you:

  • Acquire more traffic
  • Track the right analytics events
  • Get more email subscribers
  • Build a landing page that converts

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Read the reviews:

The structure of these lessons is phenomenal. The presentation, extra materials, and cheat sheets provided communicate more effectively and succinctly than any other resource I’ve come across. Justin, you should be very proud of the quality of what you’re putting out!– Bryce Bladon, Editor-in-Chief of Clients From Hell

Kirby Turner, White Peak Software, said:

★★★★★ “Your tips make it simple, easy, and fast to do marketing research. I’m already using them to come up with a list of topic ideas for my site!”

Hey Justin,

I’ve already gotten a ton of value from the first tactic alone. I felt apprehensive spending money on something like this, but watching the first video has left me with no doubt that it’s a worthy investment. This is actionable advice that’s fun to follow and effective. Thank you!

Ashley Baxter, Insurance by Jack

Anthony Hay, Log File Robot said:

★★★★★ “This is just what I need. I’m a developer, I have an idea I think would be interesting to make and useful and I’ve already spent some time working on it. With Tiny Wins help this is going to be the year I ship my first product. Highly recommended.”

Hey Justin,

I know you haven’t launched Tiny Marketing Wins yet, but I’ve already been able to use some of the tips you have in the videos!

My google webmaster page was really messed up. After seeing the two videos you posted to your youtube channel I spent 10 minutes trying to clean it up.

Long story short: I got it cleaned up and today (after only 1 day) I got enough information from the “Search Analytics” page to come up with 2 new blog posts I need to make! 🙂

You rock! Keep up the awesome work!

Nick Loadholtes, Ironbound Software

Cam Langsford, Training Tilt said:

★★★★★ “Week 1 was awesome. During the research suggested in the tactic I found a forum topic asking about alternatives for a major competitor so I posted a comment of my own and a bit about our company. I got two new customers straight away and that was only a side effect of the tactic!”

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Hi, I’m Justin Jackson, @mijustin on Twitter.

I’m the former Product Manager at Sprintly and I’ve also consulted on marketing & growth for startups in London, San Francisco, Boulder, and Portland.

I created Marketing for Developers, in October 2015. Since then, it’s been purchased over 2,500 times.

Currently, I’m building TMW.

You might have heard my podcasts: MegaMaker, and Product People. I’ve also been featured in:

Justin Jackson has been featured in Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Lifehacker

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